Automate/Streamline Backend Business Operations

I know it’s easy to fall under the trap of thinking, “I’ve always done it this way, why change it if it works?”

Well, if you’re repeatedly doing a task that can be automated – even if it only takes you 5 minutes to complete the task… why waste 5 minutes over and over again when you can automate the process?

Here’s a simple example that I always share with my clients to get their wheels moving!

Think about what you do after a potential client books a discovery call with you…In most cases, you’ll already have all of the intake questions answered once they book a call.

Now, what do you normally do next?

A quick example from my biz – I used to go into my scheduling system (I use Calendly), copy all of the information – create a new Card on my Trello Board for Discovery Calls & then paste all the information.

Sure, this only took a few minutes but I also had to remember to do it!!

Now, I’ve set up automation between Calendly and Trello to do it all for me in the background!

It doesn’t have to be an elaborate task, it can be as simple as what I just described.

If you need assistance with Automation or Streamlining the Backend of your Biz, let’s connect to see how I can help you and your business!