All services are available for either Monthly Packages or Retainer Contracts.

Monthly Packages:

5hrs/wk (20hrs/mth)

10hrs/wk (40hrs/mth)

15hrs/wk (60hrs/mth)


Retainer Contracts:

Please Contact Me to discuss further.

I know it’s easy to fall under the trap of thinking, “I’ve always done it this way, why change it if it works?”

Well, if you’re repeatedly doing a task that can be automated – even if it only takes you 5 minutes to complete the task… why waste 5 minutes over and over again when you can automate the process?

As a Small Business Owner, I highly recommend being active on Social Media (SM) to help grow your audience, provide value and gain warm leads.

You don’t have to have an Instagram account, that is just where I specialize and have found great success for clients businesses as well as my own on this platform.

If you currently have a Social Media account (or are active on several platforms), you know that keeping up to date with posting, answering inquiries, etc. can take up A LOT of your time.

Launching a New Business and need a Website created? Or maybe you just need to make some updates to your current Website, either way, you’re in the right place!

Shopify and WordPress are the 2 (two) platforms that I have the most experience working with.

If you already have a Website on another platform that you need assistance with, please reach out and we can discuss that further!

All of the day in and day out repetitive tasks that need to be done in order for your business to operate successfully. These tasks can be very time consuming, trying to stay on top of them, along with every other responsibility that comes along with running your business, it can be very overwhelming!

Don’t let these simple tasks take over your day. I’ve helped several other entrepreneurs with these tasks, ensuring that all tasks are being completed correctly and efficiently.

It is crucial to have organizational systems in place for every area of your company, ensuring you know where your business stands and what to expect in the future. By implementing little changes here and there, I guarantee it will free up time for you to focus on other key areas in your business.