My name is Jennifer Dufault, I am a wife and mother to twin girls. Spending time with my family is very important, which is why I chose to become a Freelancer. This allows me to be home (or traveling) with my family and still benefit in the professional aspect of life. I enjoy working alongside and getting to know small business owners and helping with the growth of their business, it is so rewarding!

Prior to becoming a Freelancer, I worked in Human Resources and Management. I have acquired an array of skills from my prior experiences and I’m confident that I can make a memorable addition to your team.

Now, let’s focus on you and your business!

I will free up the time that you spend on administrative tasks (big and small), allowing you to get back to focusing your time and energy doing the things you love. That’s why you started your company in the first place, right?!

I know first hand with family and friends who run their own businesses, that eventually you can’t keep doing it all. You are only one person and there are only so many hours in a day. As your business grows, everything will evolve and you will start to need assistance in certain areas. If you are at the point where you are ready to pass some of the tasks on to someone who you can trust, please book a discovery call with me today. This will allow me to look into your current business situation and see what areas I can assist you with. I look forward to growing your business together!